Don’t Let Your Emails Sound Like a Dusty Museum Exhibit. Update Them for the Digital Age!

Do your emails sound more like history books than modern-day messages?

Phrases like “I should be very grateful“ and „as per our regulations“ might’ve sounded cool… in the past.

But your emails deserve a 21st-century makeover!  

Let’s toss out those dusty phrases you learned in school and use a little more up-to-date language.

Let’s see how! 

Rather than this … Try this …
As per our agreement As we agreed
I apologise for any inconvenience Sorry for any trouble
At your earliest convenience As soon as possible / When you get a chance
Pleased find attached I’m attaching / I’ve attached
Thank you for your cooperation Thanks for your help
I’m writing to inform you that … I wanted to let you know that …
Kindly send me Please send me
It has come to my attention that … I’ve noticed that …
Pleased be advised that … Just a quick note to let you know …
I should be grateful … Please …

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Let me know if you need more details. I’d love to help.

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