The Traditional Christmas Dinner

Customs and traditions vary from country to country, but an elaborate meal is part of the Christmas celebrations wherever you look.

When we talk about Christmas dinner, in the UK we mean the meal served on 25th December. That’s on Christmas Day.

A lot of people prepare a stuffed turkey and serve it with roast potatoes, root vegetables and greens. 

If you want to know how to stuff a turkey (something my mother always did), take a look at how Martha Stewart does it. 

What about preparing roast potatoes? They’re quite easy to make. I love them, but to keep them special, I only prepare them at Christmas.

Here’s a simple recipe.

And if you like the idea of preparing Brussels Sprouts, add toasted almonds to the vegetables to make them special. It’s a favourite of mine.

Have you started planning the food for the holidays?

If not, and you need some inspiration, take a look here.

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