Do You Promise Results?

I often see other English trainers and coaches promise rapid results.

  • Speak English fluently in 30 days.
  • How to learn English fluently in 10 days.
  • How to speak English fluently in 1 week.
  • Learn English in 3 hours.

I’ve always felt a bit bad at not being able to promise anything specific.

Of course, I know that people will become more confident communicators while working with me.  But not within a month and with only one session a week.

But recently I came across a beautiful article written by Business Coach, George Kao.

What George has to say about this topic, has made me feel a lot better.

George writes:

„When people trust you, there’s no need to promise results.

If what you’re offering is a product or service they’ve been wanting, they will sign up if they trust your expertise.

Trust is developed gradually (therefore, sustainably) when we show up with authentic content on a consistent basis …

You can’t really promise results anyway: it’s always up to the client to do something to change themselves.

You can, however, truthfully promise your structure, your content and your care.“

So if you’ve been worrying about not being able to promise results within a specific time frame, George’s words might be able to help you.


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