Just Working Hard Doesn’t Bring Results

In her recent newsletter, behavioural economist Myriam Hadnes wrote:

… just working hard doesn’t bring results. It’s about the ecosystem in which you work and how the hard work fits into the broader picture.

👉 If your work days are filled with ‚learning‘ and ‚marketing‘ you’ll land new gigs.
👉 If you develop new products and services nobody knows about, you will not sell them.
👉 If your target audience does not know about your services and products, they cannot buy them.
👉 If your communication and pricing targets the wrong audience, you will not sell.
👉 If you don’t charge for your work, you will not earn a business.

It’s so clear, isn’t it?

I’m sure you know all this.

But it sometimes helps us to pause and think about what we’re doing and feeling. And even what we can change.

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