From ‘I Will Write You’ to ’I Will Write to You‘

Have you ever noticed that our American friends sometimes leave out prepositions in their sentences?

For example, in America, it’s common to say, „I will write you“ when talking about sending someone a letter. 

Now, in British English, we might wonder, “What kind of letter?” A love letter? A shopping list?

Why? Because in Britain, we would usually say, „I will write to you.” The little word „to“ tells us who will receive the letter, making it a bit clearer.

So, next time you find yourself confused by a simplified sentence, remember—it’s not a mistake, it’s just a different style of English!

This is just one example of how American and British English can differ slightly. 

Language is a fascinating world. And learning these small differences makes it even more interesting! 

What’s your favourite example of a difference between British and American English? 

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